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File Description
Acro Reader for DOS (2.49 MiB, 3y ago, 84 downloads) Read and print PDF files
dBase III (245.51 KiB, 3y ago, 77 downloads) Data base, with format still in use today
Quattro Pro 2 (1.88 MiB, 3y ago, 79 downloads) The best DOS, Spread Sheet par none
LapLink 5 (536.19 KiB, 3y ago, 90 downloads) Laplink for DOS, connect two PC's together
PE Editor (375.33 KiB, 3y ago, 95 downloads) Advanced editor, converts Word ©, WordPerfect ©, Ami Pro © to ACSII text
The Secretary Bird (655.92 KiB, 3y ago, 79 downloads) Office package for home or small office WP, Spreadsheet, DB, etc.
Professional Writer (1.25 MiB, 3y ago, 85 downloads) Very good word processing package
Revolution Edit (247.78 KiB, 3y ago, 229 downloads) Excellent HTML editor for DOS
Auto Route UK (652.48 KiB, 3y ago, 82 downloads) Beta DOS version of autoroute UK, very usable
Heavy (152.33 KiB, 3y ago, 81 downloads) A comperhensive HTML editor for DOS, with all the bells and whistles


File Description
cdsysdos (970.9 KiB, 3y ago, 80 downloads) Cd-rom driver collection for IDE, SCSI and USB cd-roms.
Disk Image (6.61 KiB, 3y ago, 82 downloads) Disk Imager for DOS, very handy
Partition Magic (419.42 KiB, 3y ago, 88 downloads) Original Partition Magic
Spell Checker (231.54 KiB, 3y ago, 73 downloads) Spell Checker for DOS, with expandable dictionary
View (148.45 KiB, 3y ago, 82 downloads) View MS-Word © WordPerfect ©, etc.. documents via DOS
apicd (176.91 KiB, 3y ago, 233 downloads) Cd rom driver for DOS
Command X (77.42 KiB, 3y ago, 84 downloads) Inhanced Command shell with menu
DOS lfn (118.23 KiB, 3y ago, 86 downloads) Long file names under DOS
DOS Utilities (24.76 KiB, 3y ago, 91 downloads) Extra commads for DOS that you probably don't have
MUF (64.25 KiB, 3y ago, 78 downloads) MicroSoft © DOS Undocumented Features


File Description
IPconfig (19.97 KiB, 3y ago, 85 downloads) IP RARP Configuration tool for DOS
IP Route (150.04 KiB, 3y ago, 85 downloads) IP Routing for DOS


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Ace (587.32 KiB, 3y ago, 227 downloads) Ace archiver
Arj (466.92 KiB, 3y ago, 210 downloads) ARJ nice, easy to use compression utility
gzip (116.35 KiB, 3y ago, 188 downloads) Unix style zip compression
lha (64.16 KiB, 3y ago, 228 downloads) LHA compression as with Amiga ©
unrar (67.32 KiB, 3y ago, 223 downloads) Unpack rar compressed files
untar (13.78 KiB, 3y ago, 75 downloads) Unpack tar compressed files
untgz095.zip (159.76 KiB, 3y ago, 76 downloads) Unpack tar, gzip compressed files

Introduction Waterloo TCP

FIXME Waterloo TCP/IP, are DOS based applications/utilities for LAN/Internet connectivity, with a single configuration file wattcp.cfg for all applications. Based on Erik Engelke's Waterloo Library for C/C++ DOS compilers's. Originally Real-Mode 16 bit and now ported to Extend Mode 32 bit, Watt-32. All you'll need is a packet driver for your NIC(Network Interface Card), for LAN connections or an PPP driver for a dialup connection, like LadSoft's LsPPP with builtin dialer and configuration with ip-up.bat to wattcp.cfg see my *.dat and *.bat files.

Waterloo Application List

File Description
NetCat for DOS (52.59 KiB, 3y ago, 74 downloads) This is a trimmed down version of Netcat, should probably be called net-kitten, TCP only, based loosely around the (nc) module in BusyBox. Written by DOS Solutions, source included.
Waterloo Dumb Terminal Disk (1.26 MiB, 3y ago, 78 downloads) Terminal Disk for the connection to terminal servers running SSH2, Telnet, VNC, with NFS and TFTP clients for extra resoures. This also makes a good starting point for DOS based ThinClients.
TFTP Client (39.52 KiB, 3y ago, 76 downloads) TJD, rewrote and cleaned up code. Compiles from Turbo_C 1.0 through to Borland_C 4.5, plus a DJGPP version, untested. Source included. After working on some thinclients I couldn't find a DOS based tftp client, that worked, The BSD based djgpp and ertos client both didn't function properly and if the djgpp version worked, it was far to large for embedded or thinclient architecture thus this 16bit client was derived from the ertos code. Source code included.
Laserjet LPR (10.31 KiB, 3y ago, 86 downloads) Prints text files to laserjet printers over network
Boa (86.97 KiB, 3y ago, 79 downloads) Web Server
Waterloo Network Boot Disk (1.23 MiB, 3y ago, 76 downloads) Intranet/Internet Communications
Bootp (25.44 KiB, 3y ago, 79 downloads) emulation of bootp replys for TCP/IP
Druph (117.52 KiB, 3y ago, 74 downloads) ph client
Drupop (121.85 KiB, 3y ago, 72 downloads) pop smtp mail clients
FSP (359.91 KiB, 3y ago, 75 downloads) fsp client like ftp on unix box
Get News (31.17 KiB, 3y ago, 75 downloads) fetch and post news
Post News (27.43 KiB, 3y ago, 72 downloads) fetch and post news
Mcast (14.77 KiB, 3y ago, 75 downloads) multicast use more then one server
NFS-026-w (154.01 KiB, 3y ago, 76 downloads) nfs (network file system) client
Net mail DOS and Net Dial (121.27 KiB, 3y ago, 75 downloads) pop/smtp mail clients very good
Smtpop ( B, 48y ago, 0 downloads) pop/smtp mail clients
eRTOS (2.23 MiB, 3y ago, 77 downloads) Erik Engelke's Waterloo TCP, for embedded DOS Servers and Clients
PC-Spirs (601.9 KiB, 3y ago, 233 downloads) Information retrievel/Electronic Reference Library
Snmp ( B, 48y ago, 0 downloads) Simple Network Management Protocol
Wais ( B, 48y ago, 0 downloads) Wide Area Information System, searches indexed databases.