TrueMount 2 - convenient security

The development of this version has stopped. TrueMount 3 with more features and less bugs is in the works, please be patient and feel free to use and test this version!


TrueMount is an application written in C# 3, which is working as an additional tool for the encryption software TrueCrypt. The main task of TrueMount is to simplify users work at mounting encrypted volumes, such as harddisks (precisely: partitions) and container files. My main motivation to develop this tool was pure laziness :-D In the past I plagued myself by going the snail trail: plug-in the device, call TrueCrypt, choose the partition and the mounting options and enter the password (you may simplify this a bit by using favorite volumes). Now, TrueMount does the whole work for me (and you, if you are familiar with this annoyance), it's very easy:

You choose one or more corresponding USB/Firewire/eS-ATA/SCSI devices from your hardware pool and set them as „key device“. Thus the device becomes the „key“ for the program, which waits in the background fo it being plugged-in. If the physical key is connected to the system, TrueMount analyzes the new device. If it turns out to be a „key device“, the application tries to mount all defined partitions and container files. The Password for each partition is located in a file, which can be on the „key device“ as well as on any other medium accessible by Windows. If you attach a new hard disk later while TrueMount is already running, it's recognized and mounted without any user interaction. For more information have a look at the Features.


Due to the rapid development speed the screenshots may not be always up to date!




or: what is already done?

  • any amount of key-devices
  • any amount of mountable partitions
  • complete UTF-8 support
  • configuration over GUI
  • minimalistic main window for fast handling
  • minimize to system tray
  • releasing of all devices with 2 clicks
  • adjustable TrueCrypt mount settings
  • splash screen :-)
  • multilingual: English, German (Deutsch)
  • key-file support
  • container file support
  • auto-updater
  • setup
  • Custom password dialog and password caching


or: what is still missing?

  • more mount/unmount capabilities
    • allow separate mount of encrypted partitions
    • allow dismount of mounted volumes
    • unmount on key-device removal (hm, half done)
  • multi-language support:
    • English
    • German
    • Cyrillic
  • documentation :!:
  • encrypt and password protect configuration/device lists?
  • support password/keyfiles gathering via
    • FTP/FTPeS
    • SSH/SFTP
    • WebDAV
    • HTTP(S) :!:
    • IMAP :?:
  • „Master-Password“ functionality
  • program launcher on (un)mount events :!:
  • Help dialog / Tutorial :!:
  • map mounted volume as network drive :!:
  • choose free drive letter on mount



  • Fixed application crash on startup due to inaccessible configuration file
  • Added warning message if configuration can't be read
  • Warnings and errors are now shown as balloon tip
  • Updater now displays correct error message if update info could not be received

Older versions


  • Added new drive letter abilities: choose a fixed letter, the next free letter or a random free letter!
  • Major design changes in Settings dialog according to new configuration switches
  • Fixed a few minor startup bugs
  • Adjusted languages
    • Update: Fixed a few bugs caused by last added drive letter features
    • Added optional warning message on program shutdown
    • Added missing language elemets
    • Fixed bug in sys tray event which made it possible to open the main window to early

  • Fixed an ANSI/UNICODE related bug in TCLauncher.exe
  • Updated links to point to new project homepage domain
  • Minor improvements in TCLauncher and IPCHook
  • Removed Beta notice in settings dialog

  • Fixed race condition in DLL-Injector, mount process now works under Windows XP
  • Minor design changes
  • Improved error handling

  • Fixed font problems with older Windows versions
  • Fixed TrueCrypt-Launcher not working under Windows XP
  • Enhanced error handling
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Update: Fixed updater writing log into wrong directory (Windows Vista/7)

  • Fixed the f*ckin' updater not launching the UAC dialog on Vista/7 REALLY NOW!!1^1!
  • Updated the Setup to the lastest version

  • Added new TrueCrypt-Launcher for better error handling
  • Fixed 'Add' button in Container files tab staying deactivated on dialog cancelation
  • Fixed updater storing log file in wrong directory
  • Removed unused settings switches on TrueCrypt page
  • Added new error messages and corrected old ones
  • Added Anti-Virus warning info box to TrueCrypt-tab

  • Fixed not mounting new attached encrypted devices
  • Minor changes to mount program logic
  • Removed 'Ignore key devices switch' (no more necessary)
  • Minor language changes
  • Fixed a bug in auto-mounter which may cause a program crash
  • Tray menu is now inactive while splash screen loads
  • Corrected main window flash on silent/splash mode
  • Minor design changes in settings dialog
  • Fixed unmount tray menu item being active even without any mounted devices
  • Removed unused code

This is a special release for sc4ry =)

  • Added manual password input option
  • Added new switch to application options
    • Key devices are now optional
  • Fixed some language mistakes again
  • Improved translations
  • Added About-Box

  • Added auto-dismount functionality on key device removal
  • Fixed drive letter 'Z' not available even if it's free
  • Minor settings dialog changes
  • Fixed some translation errors

  • Added unmount drop list in system tray
  • Fixed extremely dumb bug in container files storage code
  • Added error message if updater is missing
  • Starts silent if updater is missing
  • Minor language and dialog design changes
  • Changed included change log viewer render algorithm
  • Debugged' the hell out of the configuration serialization and fixed lots of things
  • Added more balloon tips

  • Rewrote big parts of updating system
    • Updater is now a complete separate assembly
  • Fixed application crash after update
  • Fixed updater crash before update
  • Fixed updater crash after update
  • Fixed IPC errors
  • Added process detection and copy protection code to updater
  • Improved error handling
  • Added language and dialog corrections
  • Minor changes to settings dialog

  • Added (silent) compatibility mode for older configurations to avoid program crashes
  • Minor updater changes
    • only TrueMount program files get patched, other files in installation directory are untouched! Store TrueMount wherever you want!
    • improved update notification dialog with integrated change log viewer
    • Fixed hanging or crashing updater on user execution
  • Language improvements
  • Changed notification on failed mounts
  • Improved error handling on updates and added new error messages

  • Added message box to tray update check

  • Added auto-updater (an internet connection is required, please add a rule to your application firewall if you have one)
    • Warning: the auto-updater „cleans“ the current program installation which means the complete content inside the application path will be deleted! Always install TrueMount into its own sub-directory like C:\TrueMount or C:\Program files\TrueMount not directly C:\Program files, C:\Windows or D:\My private files. You have been warned!
  • Removed now useless „List Disks“ Dialog
  • Language corrections

  • Added container file support
  • Added tray menu item for seperadly mounting devices
  • Added balloon tips
  • Added button to delete configuration
    • Important: hit this button if the app fires Exceptions after an update!
  • Fixed language mistakes
  • Extended and corrected language dictionary
  • Fixed deserialization bug
  • Fixed main window not visible after splash screen finished
  • Added TrueCrypt banner link
  • Added first-start detection
  • Fixed some settings dialog bugs

  • Next version will be stable! „Sweet dreams, captain…“
  • Added multiuser support
    • New configuration file location: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\TrueMount\config.dat
  • Fixed main window flash on non silent start
  • Changed configuration backend to .NET serialization technique (Db4objects.Db4o.dll no longer necessary)
  • Removed all database bloat (configuration file size now corresponds object size)
  • Added warning dialog to encrypted disks tab (unsaved changes will trigger this)
  • Changed default TrueCrypt settings (error messages will now be displayed)
  • Added new tray menu item to search for program updates (this site, no auto-update ;P)

  • Added temporary workaround against program crash caused by failed mounts
  • Added support for fully encrypted disks
  • Mounting devices with empty passwords now works
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of key file paths
  • Fixed uncontrolled database growing, removed items now will be deleted (partially)
  • Fixed key files being saved to wrong device
  • Fixed key files being not saved
  • Fixed key files… argh, fixed all the key file bugs I caused. Hope so…
  • Fixed empty log entry if disk is inactive
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by empty mount options
  • Fixed a checkbox event bug in TrueCrypt settings dialog
  • Added database defragment/clean function to shrink config file size rapidly (still buggy, deactivated)
  • Added database usage statistics to settings dialog
  • Added missing key file log messages
  • Performance improvements (settings dialog loads faster)

  • Added key file support
  • Disables partition box if drive has no partitions
  • Fixed disk panel being invisible after deletion of new disk
  • More code cleanup (all the dusty parts *cough*)
  • Language corrections
  • Db4objects.Db4o.Linq.dll no more needed

  • Added multilingual support
  • Added new language: German (Deutsch)
  • Added language list box to settings dialog
  • Redesigned TrueCrypt settings tab
  • Code cleanup
  • Performance improvements
  • Removed unused methods and debug code
  • Main window adjustments
  • Settings window adjustments
  • Splash Screen now loads non-blocking (parallel mounting works)
  • Fixed a bug in mount option settings
  • Fixed some warning/error messages
  • Fixed a bug incorrect prompting free drive letters
  • Fixed a crash caused by editing disks
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of CLI options
  • Fixed ignoring new inserted usb devices
  • Fixed accidentally stopping device listener without user notice





Attention: this versions are still in beta/test stadium, crashes are possible although I've tested and fixed many scenarios. If you find bugs, please report them over mail or comments.

Because of the rapid development the configuration files can be incompatible with newer program versions! After an update you may have to delete and redo your configuration settings! If you notice any strange behavior open settings and hit the big red magic button! It will fix all errors but flushes your existing configuration. I'm sorry but backwards compatibility would delay the development heavily :-/ Stable versions are not affected!

Currently no Beta version available.



All versions newer than are available via the included automatic update service. Enable automatic updates to receive the latest versions without opening a browser!

Tests and feedback are welcomed :-)

Every version older than uses the free object-database db4objects by Versant. The required assemblies are included in the archive/setup.

If you update from a previous version you may have to delete the file called config.yap located in the applications working directory. Do so if you notice any strange behavior after an update. Please note, that all versions below this warning use the old db4o storage technology, they are no more supported!


Here is my Subversion repository, it's write-protected but if you want to join the development team, just send me a mail.

To deal with it under Windows check out this magnificent developer tools: TortoiseSVN and AnkhSVN.


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
TrueMount von Benjamin Höglinger steht unter einer Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported Lizenz.

If you represent a company or any other profit-oriented organisation you are not allowed to use TrueMount for free! Contact me for more details. A network/enterprise edition is in planning!